Update 0.32

* Over 10 NEW Events! Some will improve your colony, and some will change the style of gameplay.
* Workers will not work in the night time. Will container a future hotfix so villagers can work during the day, during the night or both day/night.
* Roads autotiling bug fix.
* All resources will show in 1.0K, 1.5k, etc if over 1000.
* When creating a new name, clients were able to use empty name or use someone elses name.
* when joy structures were destroyed but not removed, it would sometimes remove joy.
* All buildings will have construction time and will require the carpenter.
* Some building were taking resources when loading a game.
* Carpenter building is a starting build. It is required for building construction and carpenter radious is very large.
* Build window, build button, will always be visible and will disable itself when that building doesnt have enough rosurces. Also, will inform the player what resoures are required.
* When deleting your game saves, it will also delete it on the server.
* improvement in combat latency. It will improve overall game framerate.
* fixed a issue with power and water use. Buildings that require power or water, it will only use based on amount of workers working. In the past, it was using maximum required power or water.
* when a client cleared his saves and had auctions decaying. it would cause an server error because couldn't find that client anymore.
* All server messages to clients are threaded. shouldn't have any missing auctions or server related packet errors.
* Director Ai Events were being triggered too quickly.
* Fixed a server thread issue for creating a new game.
* When the server goes down, you can still play the game. All multiplayer features will be disabled until the server comes back online and reconnects the clients. Will get a message at the top of your screen when the server is offline and if inside the multiplayer window, it will autoclose.
* Over 70 Tile performance updates and a mouse performance update.


Windows 22 MB
Version 0.32 May 28, 2018
Windows Demo 22 MB
Version 0.32 May 28, 2018
Mac 34 MB
Version 0.32 May 28, 2018
Mac Demo 34 MB
Version 0.32 May 28, 2018
Linux 23 MB
Version 0.32 May 28, 2018
Linux Demo 23 MB
Version 0.32 May 28, 2018

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