Version 0.17 is out!

This will break saves since the vast amount of changes for all these features to work. New resources, cybernetics, sickiness, and crime will cause your old saves to break.

* when removing heal leafs to cure colonist, it would substract incorrectly.
* when the clinic cured an colonist, it showed meat icon instead of the colonist.
* when adding workers to buildings when at zero workers, it would go nagitive.
* when loading the game, happiness would register as zero and would cause an crash.
* when moving tiles, the water animation wouldn't animate properly.
* on build screen, it won't require workers anymore to craft the building.
* a way to move buildings
* instead of nagitive resources when repairing, it requires the building resources.
* power/water on ui showing negative
* water and power ui wasn't showing the right percentages. Eg: 0.06% instead of 6%
* processor plant wasn't displaying it needs power
* when canceling a repair/deconstruct, the icon still appears
* day night cycle
* removed day complete to the new day/night cycle.
* subtract coins at dusk (since day complete is removed).
* subtract food at dusk (since day complete is removed).
* moving roads would break autotiling.
* able to burn out fire
* disable on-hover building regions when in repair,deconstruct,build,and move.
* able to view crime
* able to cure crime + buildings
* crime has a chance to cause fires
* able to recover from sicness + buildings
* able to cure sickiness + buildings
* cybernetics buildings
* cybernetics units
* buildings can take robots instead of workers
* game save changed to reflect these new changes + extra save data added for upcoming updates.
* updated intro dialog to reflect the new features
* added a new dialog for moving structures.


Windows 22 MB
Version 0.17 Mar 24, 2018
Windows Demo 24 MB
Version 0.17 Mar 24, 2018
Mac 34 MB
Version 0.17 Mar 24, 2018
Mac Demo 38 MB
Version 0.17 Mar 24, 2018
Linux 23 MB
Version 0.17 Mar 24, 2018
Linux Demo 25 MB
Version 0.17 Mar 24, 2018

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