Upcoming Update 0.17

The next update will be quite large. It will introduce new gameplay aspects, buildings, and new resource.

What will be added:

  • Water/Power: Different sizes of battery storage, water storage, new power types, new water types, etc.
  • Happiness: Trees,fountains,different type of parks,landmarks,flowers/gardens, etc
  • Crime: Crime will be an upcoming feature in the game. Will contain three different anti-crime buildings.
  • Sickness: Your colonists will start to get sick, so hospitals / clinics will be added.
  • Cybernetics: Another way to increase the workforce of your colony. These buildings will require massive resource requirement to use but will allow to increase your workers quickly.
  • In-Game Analytics: With crime and sickness, need a way to display areas of sickness or crime. So a new system will be added to the game.
  • Resources: A new resource will be introduced to the game.

As you can see, lots of stuff added: 

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