Version 0.16

Version 0.16 update is live!

Many things were fixed and some dialogs were added to give more information. If some data isn't still clear, please leave a comment so I know what to improve.

What was fixed/added into this update:

  • A bug when going from new game back to main menu, the logo wouldn't appear.
  • Spamming buttons shouldn't make more instances of the same window.
  • Forced a game pause on the pause window instead of a soft pause.
  • Game settings will reset on new  version, so your game won't crash at startup.
  • On New Game, Build, Repair, Deconstruct, and Work windows have a intro dialog.
  • All intro dialogue can be disabled
  • Game Settings has an option to reset the intro dialogs so they can appear again.
  • Fixed the weird graphics on end of day completion.
  • Misc/Minor bug fixes which aren't game related.


Windows Demo 24 MB
Version 0.16 Mar 15, 2018
Windows 22 MB
Version 0.16 Mar 15, 2018
Linux Demo 25 MB
Version 0.16 Mar 15, 2018
Linux 23 MB
Version 0.16 Mar 15, 2018
Mac Demo 38 MB
Version 0.16 Mar 15, 2018
Mac 34 MB
Version 0.16 Mar 15, 2018

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Hey , any chance you are willing to share source code / parts of it, or release a pack with it included? Not so many examples out there for now : )

I got a twitch channel which, same name as my company, you can ask questions but sorry I cannot give you the source.

Thanks a ton! Will check it out soon!