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Your ship had to make an emergency landing and you are now shipwrecked! · By Shmellyorc


Recent updates

Shipwreck update 0.39
An update to fix a ton of issues. New code base, and bug fixes: Using vulkan for rendering Text coloring misplacement fix. improvement in node/game speed. misc...
6 files — 0.39
Micro-Update for Shipwreck
Been updating server code be hide the scenes for shipwreck. Updated netcode for Shipwreck, nothing major...
6 files — 0.38
May/May not be a delay on next update
The current update is coming along great but it may or may not be a delay on the update because of systems that is being modified. I will try my best to get it...
Large Update Coming Soon!
In this month of July I will be releasing a large update which will introduce tons of new things! A ton of ship features and ship repairs The auction system wil...
Nothing major just an update!
Nothing major but getting ready for a big update. I will explain in another dev log. You may see the server go down for a few minutes and come back up. I was mo...
Quality of Life Update #1 for 0.38
* Fix: When moving tiles, it doesn't create a dupicate building. * Fix: Weird bug where it won't let you remove resources or the game tries to stop you from rem...
6 files — 0.38
Hotfix's for 0.38
Planned hotfixes today! In a few hours or later today, I will be uploading a few hotfixes that I have seen or heard. What is planned but may contain other fixes...
Shipwreck Contacts - 0.38
Want to add your friend or budddy, Shipwreck supports contacts! Will see your friends come online, go offline, or set a contact you would like to appear offline...
6 files — 0.38
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