Pizzamon 1.06 - Quality of Life Update

Major Quality of Life Update for Pizzamon 1.06.

I cannot promise every feature or improvement will be added to Pizzamon.  A few things will be changed but the goal of Pizzamon is to evoke the style and feel of old Retro games.

What has been added or changed:

  • Modified the SeaBreeze forest maps and removed the maze from that area. The world map has been modified with this change too.
  • When using the map from inside your inventory the world map will be shown.
  • When you create your first Pizzamon you can now choose to create a PepperoniMon, MushroomMon, or a TomatoMon.
  • In the Med. Center you can now sort your Pizzamons without having  to store and un-store them.
  • Cheese Slice and Cheese Block has replaced Cheese Dust and Cheese Crumb.
  • Fridges and countertops are now lootable. You may collect a soda, some rotten eggs or various other items. There are many new things to discover.
  • Bookshelves and Televisions now contain funny or informative dialog.
  • A lot of items now produce trash that can be sold at shops. Maybe some of these items could be useful?
  • If you played before this update, Cheese Dust and Cheese Crumb will show up as a non-updateable item ([NU]Cheese Dust or [NU]Cheese Crumb). They still can be used but you  will no longer be able to acquire them after this update.
  • The top and bottom arrows in the Item List were not appearing until the player moved up or down the list. They now always appear.
  • Revamped settings.
  • All inputs are now customizable.

Inputs support Chinese/Japanese keyboards or unsupported gamepad buttons.

 Once you locate %Appdata%/Pizzamon, can edit your settings.json to support those extra keys/buttons. If you ever make a mistake in settings.json, can always clear "Input" or delete the settings.json file to start over. 

Keyboard Names: Keyboard
Gamepad Names: Gamepad


"Input": {
    "MoveLeft": [


MacOS 262 MB
Version 1.06 Apr 25, 2022
Linux 256 MB
Version 1.06 Apr 25, 2022
Windows 263 MB
Version 1.06 Apr 25, 2022

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