Pizzamon 1.03a

Fixed a few bugs that were found.

This update won't affect your saved games.  This is not a required update but fixes some graphical and internal code issues.

Found in this update:

  • Removed the "who turn is next" scene to improve speed in combat.
  • Removed cuss words.
  • Fixed dialog that caused a rare crash for European counties.
  • Fixed some treasure items that were not appearing properly.
  • Drastically reduced the intro time for the Shmellyorc, Epilepsy, and Monogame scenes.
  • Fixed rock texture shadows.
  • Fixed the highlighted section on menus.
  • Fixed an issue to allow stone fishing rods and golden fishing rods to be used in lesser fish pools.
  • Fixed world map camera movement to feel more snappy.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the player facing an incorrect direction when entering a building,
  • Fixed an issue that caused the uncle to appear through walls.
  • Fixed a bug when entering/exiting a building so that the character no longer walks in a loop.
  • Added an arrow to indicate if there are more items above or below your current selection when viewing items in combat.
  • Added signs to make it easier to navigate the forest.
  • Updated the World Map with landmarks allowing you to better know where you are in the world.


MacOS 262 MB
Version 1.03 Apr 06, 2022
Linux 256 MB
Version 1.03 Apr 06, 2022
Windows 263 MB
Version 1.03 Apr 06, 2022

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