1.04a - Balance and Item Changes

A few changes to items, prices, combat and abilities. All these changes won't affect your game saves.

Map / Combat Changes:

  • Reduced sand attack zones by half so that combat won't be triggered as often in sand/desert areas.
  • Added additional dialog to the uncle intro scene so that the player knows where to go next.

Ability Changes:

  • Reduced the energy cost of Peppermon's blind ability from 6 to 3.

Combat Changes:

  • Increased the number of movement steps by 2 to reduce combat encounters.

Item Changes:

  • Increased Monster Spray steps from 50 to 80.
  • Reduced Monster Spray cost from 200 to 70.
  • Monster Spray now appears in all villages.


MacOS 262 MB
Version 1.04 Apr 09, 2022
Linux 256 MB
Version 1.04 Apr 09, 2022
Windows 263 MB
Version 1.04 Apr 09, 2022

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