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Pizzamon is a fantasy story about a young adventurer doing battle with, and fighting against, imaginary creatures.  After you create your trusty Pizzamon, a pizza who does battle for you, you get the chance to compete in the Chef Championships.  Side by side with your Pizzamon, you must battle to collect badges from Grand Chefs who reside in various villages that you discover during your journey.  Each village has a badge based on the zone that they are located in, for example the Winter Badge, Mountain Badge and Water Badge.  Not only must you defeat the Grand Chefs but you will have to fight others who are also trying to get the badges that you need to win.  You will fight other competitors, chefs, and Grand Chefs in your quest to make it to the top.  Along the way you will encounter many different characters in this retro style RPG adventure game.

Will you be the Grand Champion?

Core Features of Pizzamon

  • A wide variety of Pizzamons (each with their own abilities, stats, and quirks) that you can choose to be your champion.
  • A massive landmass to explore and a world of things to discover.
  • A wide variety of enemies to face and boss fights to defeat.
  • Over 100+ items, toys, maps and more.
  • A bunch of mini-games to complete.
  • The opportunity to go on a treasure hunt to find awesome loot. Will you be able to solve the clues?
  • A game that keeps what made retro RPG great but has been modified to the game play and style of current times.
  • Scripted dialog that progresses during your adventure to be the Grand chef.

System Requirements

  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 or higher
  • Memory: Up to 600MB of ram.
  • HD: Up to 400mb of hard drive space
  • Input: Keyboard & Mouse or Gamepad

Having issues running?

You can install the itch.io launcher if you want to keep up to date without having to download updates manually. The launcher will inform you when updates have been released and you won't have to complete the steps below. You can get the itch.io launcher here: https://itch.io/app

It is highly recommended for Linux and MacOS users to not run Pizzamon directly from the download folder. Linux and MacOS operating systems may think the program is an installation and this will confuse the  system. For MacOS or Linux, add Pizzamon to your Applications or Desktop.

When you launch Pizzamon, you will receive a Windows Defender Smart Screen.  Click on More Info and then click on "Run anyway".

Open up Terminal, to the location where Pizzamon is located, and type sudo chmod -R 755 <Path To Pizzamon>/Pizzamon.app 

Similar to MacOs but instead type sudo chmod +rwx <Path to Pizzamon>/Pizzamon.appimage

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withMonoGame
Tags2D, Casual, Colorful, Cute, Funny, Relaxing, Retro, Top-Down, Turn-Based Combat
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
LinksSteam, Twitter, PressKit


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Windows 263 MB
Version 1.08
Linux 256 MB
Version 1.08
MacOS 262 MB
Version 1.08

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Hi guys. I found a gamebreaking bug.

When you use the mushrooms POISON it heals the mushroom for some rounds. But SWITCHING to another pizzamon then freezes the game. I guess the heal tries to target the mon that used the skill and cant find it. (Windows Ver. 1.04a started via ItchLauncher)

The heal either needs to "fail" or just target any mon thats currently out.

Hope that helps. Lovely game btw.

Keep it rolling ... the dough i mean :P

(2 edits)

Freezes? No crash?

i'll find it fast too. :D update comin'.

Update 4/15/2022: Know what the bug is. It has stuff to deal with culling. Easy fix, update comin.

Final video 

:D Watched it from the start to the end. Was pretty funny near the end. Tons of little secrets in the WinterVale village but hope you had fun playing Pizzamon.


Another video has appeared


<3 Loved it Spuds.

(2 edits) (+1)

But from watching you play (from this video and the part 2), I do plan to make sand zones very less annoying: could walk much further in the sand zones before it would trigger combat.

It's a good way to level up fast from all the battles but basically becomes an old school RPG full of random encounters


Next video


<3 Loved the video. I hope you do more. Did an update today to resolve everything in the forest to make it x100 easier. A bunch of other things too.

Made a video

:D Love it.

Happy you enjoyed it and there are more coming soon

This game looks great!

:D Thanks

Great and original game!, i love this demo!, and i cant wait to see all finished game!

Thanks :D. Glad everyone whom left a comment enjoyed the game. Much more work to do :D.